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 Nuno Árias Silva


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  1. Frist question to you – how long have you been MVP and in what Expertise?
    2 Years – Office 365


  1. Are you at the // build 2015 or the IGNITE 2015 participated personally and when, but describe us briefly your impressions?
    Had no time opportunity to go


  1. What do you think makes the charm of the current direction of Windows 10 and its related topics of your expertise for the user?
    Best integration within the same platform across devices


  1. The MVP fusion draws on the WP Dev merger, did you previously contact with this virtual format?
  2. Please tell us a little bit about your experiences with the community – do you think that your support will a developer or ITPro or information worker added more value?
    Always keep informed with all huge changes on Office 365, for example last year was 450 new functionalities that came to the product and a developer or ITPro or information worker that keeps informed could deliver more to the market and costumers.


  1. What excites you most about your session for the MVP Fusion?
    More integration and more security, because with all current preoccupation with security the costumers must use this to enforce their internal policies and to reach to a level of security of their data.
Nuno Árias Silva – Speaker MVP Fusion
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